Dakota & Kristen wild make-out scene?

The scene between Dakota and Kristen was earlier described as an “wild sex scene”. Kristen Stewart even said she was excited about cinematically deflowering Dakota Fanning.

But lately the wild sex scene has been described as a “make-out scene”.

Both the director and Dakota has said this. Dakota went as far as to describe it in V Magazine as a “subject matter that she is proud to have done in a biopic because it’s real”.

Was the wild sex scene between Kristen and Dakota edited down to just a make-out scene just so they can easily sell it to theaters?

Should people be upset by this? This movie was at first said to only be shown in 20 theaters across the states, but now it’ll be shown in over 1500 theaters.

Does no sex sell? I guess in regards to faux lesbian sex between a 15 year old actress and a 19 year old actress it does.

I guess we’ll have to wait till the DVD comes out to see the true brilliance of this film… erm, wild sex scene.

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